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Hassan Habib
8 min readDec 28, 2022

Our time on this earth is limited. We experience this time on earth through spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. Even during our asleep we are benefiting in the least physically from resting and healing.

Maximizing our benefit from our time on earth is a thought everyone should entertain. Especially knowing that the time we get to live isn’t the same for everyone. Some of us die earlier while achieving more than those who die late and achieve nothing. Sometimes it’s the other way around and every other permutation and probability out there.

Moreso when we none of us knows how, where or when they’ll die.

As a software engineer, I always think about different ways I could maximize the benefits from what I’m doing. For instance, writing code to be paid is a very basic survival achievement. Writing code to evolve the mindsets of people around me is a much higher and better achievement. But ultimately, bringing fulfillment in the form of happiness to those who work with me, read my work, or just use my systems is one of the highest and ultimate achievements ever.

Fulfillment to mankind trumps all other aspects in terms of evolution and survival. A fulfilled heart can face whatever is to come no matter how grave it is with a smile, content, and happiness. Fulfilled heart is much stronger than another who’s just aiming for survival or evolution.

This article is about maximizing one’s daily endeavors to achieve maximum benefit off it. This is not a novel idea either. You can see that clearly in social media content. Social media creators create something once, and then it scales and gets viewed by hundreds of thousands of individuals around the clock and everywhere!

It’s important to understand what the missing aspects of everything we do so we can seek enhancing, multi-purposing and maximizing the impact and benefits of what we do. For instance, a software engineer who just codes for money are getting the bare minimum of what they could achieve out of their daily job.

An engineer that gets paid for writing software while pairing with another engineer is doing something beyond just getting paid for code. They are evolving the mindset of another engineer while they are performing the very same task.

Now, let’s take this further — a software engineer that performs a task in a pairing session, but also records these sessions for other engineers to also watch and learn at their own convenient time is maximizing the benefit much higher than the previous engineer.

But then, comes those who do all that, and then add kindness, human connecting and empathy to what they do. These are the beacons in the engineering community who are truly spreading much more than just development skills or engineering products.

Imagine the amount of impact one could generate from the very same task they do every day.

Let’s dig into this topic with a little more detail.

The above shape shows the primitive number of dimensions one single act or endeavor could impact in the long run. This is not factoring in the aspect of time and space (yet). Of course, there are other dimensions of impact that goes beyond the figure above, we will touch on those briefly sometime soon.

The Individual

You cannot give something if you don’t have it. You cannot inspire if you are not inspired. You cannot support the survival of others if you are struggling with you own survival. Individuals must ensure they have a solid survival base before going on to maximizing the impact to known and unknown individuals everywhere.

Survival in its essence is to allow oneself to evolve without having to experience hunger, fear, lack of shelter or anything else. Survival is to allow yourself to work on evolving, learning, growing and leveling-up!

Survival will also change based on the place and time. For instance, survival some hundreds of years ago only meant food and shelter and security. Today, survival involves being connected with the world through the internet, being able to obtain information and leverage that information to evolve and achieve more.

Those who seek true fulfillment must achieve survival first. A hungry, uneducated mind can never seek fulfillment. Some individuals have tried achieving true fulfillment without survival and evolution, but the few that claimed success have had minimum impact only upon themselves, and they withered away with no true achievement for humanity or even their near-by individuals that we call known-individuals.

Survival can be achieved through a Tri-Nature methodology. One shall learn how to survive, they shall experience and practice what they learn, then they shall share what they learned with other so they can survive too.

In its simplest forms, a thirsty man could find a trail of water leading somewhere in the deep forest. He follows the trail until he finds a lake of pure water. Then he invites his tribe to do the same so they can survive too.

This methodology has always been the way. Those who choose to keep their survival secrets to themselves died lonely and never ever achieved any form of evolution nor fulfillment. They abandoned their very humanity.

Leading others to our ways of success whether it’s survival, evolution or fulfillment is an evolution in and of itself. That’s simply because those who will learn from us are going to experience what they learned differently from how we did. They will come back and share better ways to achieve the same goals. They will be grateful you shared with them, so they will be compelled to share with you too.

dividuals that do not share their ways with others are barred from achieving full evolution and certainly barred from achieving true fulfillment. That’s simply because fulfillment in its essence is an act of selflessness — One can never be selfless if there’s only the self!


Known-Individuals are the people you know. Those you talk to everyday, every week or even once a year. Individuals who do not reach to their known-individuals and share their practices of survival, evolution and fulfillment can never maximize the benefits they get out of their time on earth.

Sharing with others has in and of itself Tri-Nature-Driven dimensions. There’s the quantity of what’s being shared, the quality and time. Simple questions that make us wonder whether we are doing all we can do to reach others and truly benefit them from what we do.


Both on the count of the amount of knowledge shared or the number of people you are sharing that knowledge with. Can we maximize our knowledge and those who are eager to seek that very knowledge?

Quantity of knowledge begs of a quantity of time. How much can we learn in a shorter amount of time? Can we evolve our methods of learning to maximize our learning and sharing experiences?


How long does it take to teach 10 people? 100? Maybe a thousand? Can we maximize our benefit from the same amount of time we used to take to learn one thing or another? Can we quantify what we learn so we can monitor true progress and true impact of our evolution?


It’s important to understand that achieving higher quantities in shorter time is not enough if we are not bringing higher value. Adding air to air is just air. If what we learn, do and teach isn’t of higher value it becomes a burden due to the extra quantity that resolves down to the same value of 1.

Reaching out to others and helping them survive, evolve, and achieve true fulfillment mandates evolution in knowledge-sharing. Knowledge sharing can be physical, mental, and spiritual. It begs for an evolution in the age of technology to truly communicate a message through the networks hard and cold wires.

Known-Individuals can get the benefit of the face-to-face and in-person contact so they can learn and experience the full human-to-human communication in all it’s beauty and glory, which can never be achieved through some video call or a hologram no matter how advanced the technology can be.


The people you don’t know, are much, much more than those you know. No matter how hard you may try. People might know you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you also know them. Which means that in terms of quantity, it is extremely important you reach out to those you don’t know by any means possible. Quantity here is the equivalent of a maximized impact and much greater fulfillment.

Reaching unknown individuals can happen through three different ways. An individual can reach out to others directly through social media, written, recorded or even live content. But despite the modern-day advanced technologies, nothing can create as much impact and trust as individuals-to-individuals impact.

Even the biggest experts in the marketing field would tell you that word-to-mouth marketing is the strongest and most impactful of them all. No matter how much you spend on other ways of marketing. Therefore, reaching out to others through others is the most impactful of them all.

Some others reach out to other individuals through content without the human content. Like a book, article or even a snippet of code. This method detaches humans from humans. This detachment could result in a mass decrease in the value of what’s being shared. You can imagine the difference between sharing an article versus sitting face-to-face with someone and sharing the very same knowledge with them. The difference of impact there is massive without a doubt.

Reaching out to unknown individuals is the top of the pyramid when it comes to maximizing impact. Experimenting and practicing with direct, people or things to reach out to others is highly recommended, as long as the focus is on the human-to-human contact as a high priority.

The Future

Realizing and understanding that we can only achieve fulfillment by helping others survive, evolve and be fulfilled as well is crucial to our existence in this universe. Species that do not aim towards the group’s survival are destined to vanish.

There’s so much potential in our world if we make our aim to bring happiness to others, build our own survival so we can help others survive. Evolve so we can help others evolve. Experience happiness so we can help others be happy too.

It’s important to keep track of our points of achievement so we know it’s time to share it with others. Those who can afford a living for a month should help those who cannot afford a living for a day. And those who learned how to read, should help those who don’t. And those who have achieved happiness and fulfillment should display it to others so they can learn how to be happy too!

True fulfillment can only be achieved through selflessness. The more random acts of kindness of selflessness we do, the more fulfilled we become. An overwhelming feeling of happiness, righteousness an synchronization with the very purpose of our creation is the very outcome of all of this.

Our future shall be brighter as long as we work on spreading this message. Our technological advancements as human species should be targeted more towards our evolution and fulfillment — that’s the one and only true guarantee against a dim future where humanity cease to exist due to it’s own creation.



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