The Meat Factory

There are points in time where some of us begin to have a realization that while everything around them is moving forward, they are staying still.
They wake up in the morning, do their work, come back to watch tv, spend some time with family and friends and then go to bed. Then repeat. They may look forward to a vacation, a visitation or something terrible to happen so they can break out of the rhythm of their day to day lives.
Some of us may hear the voice of an awakening in their heads, calling them to fulfil a higher purpose. A higher goal, knowing that they were meant to do something more than what they settled for today. And some of us choose to ignore this calling. They seek therapy as they think the voices of awakening is just a form of depression or anxiety.
Psychiatrists are more than happy to jump right in and tell these people that they are experiencing one form or another of a psychological issue. And they would be the first to jump in and sell you more medications to numb that sense of awakening in your heart.
“Dysfunctional” or “Operational Exhaustion” is what some psychiatrists choose to call their “patients” or let’s just call them defective drones to help them get back in line and “perform”.
The systematic industrialization of the humankind today has made it so easy for some of us to think that they can’t do or be more than what they already are. Drones in a fast-paced meat factory where imitating the machine is the best way to succeed and advance in your career.
Sleeping less, working more, following commands without questioning, becoming heartless in one’s decisions but rather the “ROI” and the “Investor’s Best Interest” is an imitation of machines. These treats are glorified in our society today as treats of success and are reasons to achieve acknowledgement, promotions and appreciations a “drone” may receive amongst the many other drones in the “meat factory”.
But the closer one tries to imitate the machine, the easier it is for them to be replaced with one, and simply get “automated”.
It’s a like working as a cashier — doing the very same thing every hour of every day. And then all of the sudden the meat drone was replaced with a metal drone that performs faster, works longer hours and requires less “maintenance”.
We need to realize that we as human beings were meant to do something more than just repeating what we did yesterday and the day before.
Our survival, and evolution doesn’t occur by doing the very same thing everyday. The very concept of evolution implies an intentional and conscious change, a spark that changes the usual into the unusual. An elevation to take the next step in our cosmic journey that is taking us toward the infinite.
Our very nature as humans gravitates us toward the exciting, the interesting, the unusual and the different. Some of us choose to call it “crazy” but often it’s a compliment rather than an insult.
History shows us over and again that those who choose to be different will immediately be faced with resistance and sometimes hatred just for being different. For choosing not to be another drone in the meat factory. But when these people succeed, when they create something of value that the drones could understand, all of the sudden, those who hated them yesterday will go around to tell everyone how they met those people one day.
This is a call to those amongst us who hear the calling of innovation and evolution in their heads, the higher purpose and greater goals, and feel it clearly in their hearts but feel scared to come out there and apply their very nature as humans in their lives and face the world with their thoughts.
It’s a call to resurrect everyone’s very humanity. Letting go of the industrial drone-like nature and embracing our humanity as it is the only way for us to move forward. Abandoning our humanity and imitating the machine is the biggest threat to our survival as humankind.
We are at the gates of the age of singularity — a self-aware powerful metal drones built by meat drones to perform better.
In the engineering industry, I always advice my friends not to program themselves into a corner. Humanity today is headed vastly towards programming our very existence into a corner. By expediting singularity without fully understanding our very nature that brought us this far in history.
Some of us tend to create their own demons if the price is right. They choose to do whatever it takes even if it was against their human nature to increase their bank account with a couple of digits. These people are agents of destruction. They have been brainwashed to think they are inferior and that they are required to create a better version of their machine-like selves so they can end their very role and responsibility towards humanity.
They can be smart. With degrees and titles. But they are very far from being wise. Wisdom isn’t knowing what’s right from what’s wrong. Everyone already knows that. But wisdom is to know the best of two rights, and the worst of two wrongs. The agents of singularity in our society today can’t tell the difference between the immediate benefit of making extra on their salary and saving humanity. Because usually the best of two rights is the hardest to get. The longer it requires and the more efforts it demands.
This short article is a call to all of us to rethink our purposes, examine our assumptions and apply our humanity in our day to day lives. Living consciously and embrace life as humans and taste the beauty of the universe around us. Break free from the invisible bonds of being a drone. Systematically apply change, add color to our days And embrace putting humanity before profits, benefits or return of investments.

This is a call to bend technology to our humanity, before it bends our humanity to its cold, senseless, lifeless nature.



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